5 Ways to live in a Provencal style

,February 27, 2017

Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne – just a few of the most famous artists whose picturesque landscapes of Provence inspired the creation of timeless works. Do you also fascinated by a view of the vast lavender fields, sunny hills and charming building? If you want to feel like a citizen of France the whole year, we have for you Top 5 advices, how make a Provencal atmosphere in your living room.

1. Stay in bright interior

Provencal style is characterized by whitewashed furniture and details of wicker or rattan, it is popular in elegant homes in southern France. They are also used soft colours of blue and shades of natural, polished wood in luxurious style. In combination with white furniture, the whole interior becomes comfortable and visually enhanced.

To change the location in a Provencal style you need new equipment. For example, the furniture from the latest collection of Cannet Black Red White.

Furniture from collection Cannet is very spacious, all elements of this system seem to be very lightweight. This is related to the shape of the corresponding leg and a small handle with a convex profile. Add airiness and bookcases or display cases, where you can put your favorite book, elegant crockery and other decorations, for example candlesticks, vases or decorative figurines.

2. Choose natural materials

For the interior in Provence style are often used natural materials – primarily wood. Wood looks great in the form of tops of furniture. The purchase of coffee table Gent of Black Red White – a piece of furniture that will work especially during meetings with friends, will be a good solution.

3. Surround yourself with soft fabrics

Provencal style interiors exudes warmth not only by the bright colours and natural materials, but also with the help of a home atmosphere. What materials are typical for this type of arrangement? If you want to create a living room in a Provencal style, be sure to decorate windows by long, bright curtains in white, beige or blue colours. Sofas Black Red White are good as a decoration.

4. Use elegant accessories

Provencal style is very chic and refers to the classic French style. Therefore, in your living room you need to use a few decorative additions that stand out against the other decorations inspired by nature.

Elegant decorations corresponding to the style of Provence are: - mirror decorated with silver frame, - vases in graphite or light-pink colour - boxes in bright colours.

5. Remember about cozy lighting

Your new interior in the Provencal style is almost ready. It lacks only a few small parts – candles and candlesticks. Throwing gentle flame of candles makes the whole living room much cozier and very elegant. The best places for candles are tabletops and dressers. All candles should be placed in candlesticks. Now you can enjoy a beautiful interior in a Provencal style.